Welcome to MERAKI3

We are creating your style of our innovative & creative design.

Sophisticated and experienced staff, luxurious interiors, quality ingredients, and the range of skin, hair, and beauty therapy; ensures the clients get one of a kind experience. Our Staff truly believes that every client has different requirements and thus, every service administered meets the specific needs of the client.

By redefining past patterns and amalgamating them with new trends, MERAKI3 has created its own niche in the fashion industry.

We are providing our best services to our clients and the best training to our students.

Training Course Details

Basic Certificate Courses
Beauty 8 Weeks (48 hrs)
Makeup 8 Weeks (48 hrs)
Hair 8 Weeks (48 hrs)
Hair Styling 8 Weeks (48 hrs)
Body Spa 8 Weeks (48 hrs)
Bridal Master Certificate Course
Combined Courses 12 Weeks (72 hrs)
Certificate in Advanced Makeup Courses 12 Weeks (72 hrs)